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Patient Comfort

We want you to feel welcome and comfortable at our office. Arrive early for your appointment, and you'll have time to enjoy the 42-inch plasma TV with satellite in our waiting room. It's great for parents and kids waiting for family members to finish their appointments.
In each dental operatory, we have a Dental Couch Potato, a special overhead light that includes multimedia display system. So, during your appointment, you can to continue watching your favorite show or a movie on DVD.
You'll come to think of your visits to our office as a time when you can just relax and chill!


Providing excellent care means staying a step ahead when it comes to modern technology. Dr. Lowe has invested in tools that improve diagnostics and comfort while saving time. You deserve our best, and we promise to deliver!

Your Personal Invitation

Dr. John Lowe and our team of compassionate dental professionals are excited about helping you maximize your smile's appearance and health. The word has gotten out about Dr. Lowe’s amazing Cosmetic Smile Designs and we have been fortunate to have local celebrities as our patients. Rachel from Rachel & Kyle on 100.9 Radio Now and Deuce from X103 Radio both have beautiful new smiles custom designed by Dr. John Lowe. With all the services our office provides, we are confident that you have found your families new dental home.
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