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Cosmetic Dental Imagery / Smile Design

As Dr. Lowe likes to say, “If you had a magic wand and could change anything in your smile, what would it be?” With that in mind, we believe our patients should be able to share in the creation of their new smile. We have a digital cosmetic imaging program that can allow you to see a “Before” and “After” simulation of what you could look like with a new smile.

What sets Dr. Lowe apart from other dentists is that he has completed his Cosmetic Training through the prestigious Hornbrook Group, Center For Advanced Clinical Education. Because of his knowledge and compassion for aesthetics, Dr. Lowe has been recognized by local celebrities in our community.
What is the process how Dr. Lowe & our staff create Beautiful Smiles?
Step 1: We have a consultation with you and listen to exactly what you are wanting in your new smile and any concerns you may have. You will have X-rays taken along with an examination by Dr. Lowe to make sure your mouth fits the criteria for a Cosmetic Smile Design. We use a top of the line cosmetic dental lab to fabricate a model you help design to show you what your new smile could look like.

Step 2: Your second appointment is to approve the fabricated model that was created from your first appointment. If you like the look of the model, Dr. Lowe will then place the temporary restorations on your teeth. You will then have 3 days to decide if you love the look of the temporaries enough to go forward with the final process or you can make changes and create a totally new smile if you so choose. The reason we do this is so our patients get exactly what they are wanting and expecting, “The Perfect Smile”

Step 3: Your final appointment is very exciting! Dr. Lowe removes your temporaries and places your final restorations for you to see. If you love the final look, Dr. Lowe will then permanently place your restorations. You leave our office with a beautiful smile and instructions on how to maintain you beautiful smile.

Your Personal Invitation

Dr. John Lowe and our team of compassionate dental professionals are excited about helping you maximize your smile's appearance and health. The word has gotten out about Dr. Lowe’s amazing Cosmetic Smile Designs and we have been fortunate to have local celebrities as our patients. Rachel from Rachel & Kyle on 100.9 Radio Now and Deuce from X103 Radio both have beautiful new smiles custom designed by Dr. John Lowe. With all the services our office provides, we are confident that you have found your families new dental home.
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